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Being so close to the English border has left its mark on Dumfries & Galloway. This landscape has been fought over time and time again. From ancient standing stones to ruined castles, graceful abbeys to inspirational poets, there is much heritage to explore.

History is on our doorstep at the Woodland House Hotel in the form of the ancient Twelve Apostles stone circle – the largest stone circle in mainland Scotland – in the field next door to the hotel! Eleven of the stones remain and only four of them are local stones, the others being quarried and then transported from quite a distance away, and they provide a fascinating glimpse into the past,

Robert Burns, Scotland’s National Bard, farmed close to the hotel, ploughing the soil at Ellisland Farm. Burns left his mark throughout this region particularly in Dumfries where you can visit both his house and his favourite Inn. Burns final resting place is in St Michail Church Cemetery where a Mausoleum was erected in his memory.

Two must-see historic sites are located near the coast just south of Dumfries. Caerlaverock Castle is a spectacular triangular moated castle which was frequently the site of border conflicts. Sweetheart Abbey in New Abbey is a beautiful sandstone abbey built by Lady Devorgilla in memory of her husband John Balliol, and the abbey is the birthplace of the word ‘sweetheart’.